(as of: Feb. 17, 2024)
RCHRA Class Category: No Prep
"This class is very similar to the popular VXL Outlaw Class"
(Any Chassis) (with Exceptions)
Exceptions: Traxxas Drag Slash, Losi 22s or Team Associated DR10 Chassis's Not Allowed.
- 2 wheel drive Only.
- 12 inches - 13.5 inches max wheelbase.
- Must have 4 shocks controlling the wheels

Motor / ESC
Factory OEM Motor / Factory OEM ESC Only
(Traxxas Drag Slash)
(Losi 22s)
(Team Associated DR10)
- Swapping: Allowed. (ESC / Motor from one factory stock to another)
- Wiring: Any ESC to Motor Wiring.
- Connectors: Changed Allowed.

One Battery Pack. 2s Only. 8.44 max Voltage.

Remote / Receiver
Any Allowed.

Body (Must Cover All 4 Wheels)
- Rear wheel body cuts: Must expose at least 90% the tire from side view.
- Front wheel body cuts: Must expose at least 90% the tire from side view.
- (Rear Bumper Cut Outs Allowed)
- No more than 4 holes cut in body exposed specifically for body mounts
(Exceptions Apply for more than 4 body mount holes only, if needed specifically for body mounts from another chassis mount)

- Any 3-5 Gear Transmissions.
- No Direct Drives.

Steering Assists
Not allowed.

Rear: Any Rubber Tire.
Front: Rubber Only. (No O-Ring's)

Tire Prep
No Tire Prep
Big Dawg Style Preps Not Allowed.
Conditioners / Rubs Allowed.

Wheelie Bar
No longer than the wheelbase.

Rear Wing
Any allowed.

Tree Start
.400 PRO TREE. (Porta-Tree Timing System)