(Applies To All Classes)
In the event of a timing system malfunction or operator error,
the race will be re-run.

Racers cannot touch or cross center-line.

Racers cannot touch or hit the guard walls.

First infraction gives win immediately to opponent (First IS Worst)

If the randomizer drawings picks a racer for any round of competition
a bye-run, that is the only time during that event the bye-run will be
awarded to that racer.
If a racer battery is overcharged at tech, racer has only 1 attempt within 2 minutes to bring the battery down under or at the (8.44 Volts) limit. Racer must remain in the tech line in an attempt to accomplish this. If battery is tested second time and overcharge is still displayed, racer will receive a DQ for that specific round of competition.
Track Fees & Entry Fees Paid at the time of Registration.
Your car does not go down the track at all during testing until both
are paid at the same time during your registration.
No Refunds.
If a driver has to forfeit his/her entry that money he/she paid
in stays in the pot for the overall racers payout.


Rear tires MUST be sitting on the ground once you signal you are
set for your run. No holding the car up (by the bars) and sitting the
car down during the race directors count. Basically you can not be touching the vehicle at all once you signal you are set.

Rolling rear tires back & forth on the ground while staging is prohibited.

Once a racer signals to the tree operator that he/she is "set" or "ready" that racer is committed to that run. If the car rolls forward or backwards breaking the stage beams due to driver error the racer will receive a DQ for that specific round of competition.


Official RCHRA video replay will ONLY be seen, reviewed and
determined by RCHRA officials first. ONLY the 2 drivers affected by
the video replay decision will be allowed in the tent / tower to see
the video proof replay of the call.

Racers requesting to see our official RCHRA video will be denied. If a video needs to be looked at... that call (to look at the video)
will come from the race director. (NOT THE RACER)


Racer must at least make an effort during a bye run or a competition (basically at least take the tree)
Racers do not have to launch under power. Just take the tree.

If you get stuck or break on the line, do not touch your vehicle until you see the full run from your opponent. You must at least receive a reaction time to be eligible to advance in the event of the above mentioned. If you do not receive a reaction time, that's considered first is worst and your opponent wins regardless of what his / her vehicle does down track.

If you get stuck or break after receiving a reaction time and your opponent causes any infraction, you WIN... as long as you do not touch the vehicle before your opponent causes any infraction.

If both vehicles get stuck or break after the the tree has dropped and both receive no reaction time, the race will be re-run.

RCHRA JAMMERS (Second-Chance Race)

If you loose 2nd round, you can buy into the Jammers race for $20

Run completely separate from the main event race with 70% payback going directly to the winner of each class

No buy backs / No Points awarded during Jammers race