Up To 3s MAX Battery Size
Racers do not have to run the 3s battery, they can stick to the traditional 2s
NO Tire Prep Allowed
Any Street Eliminator: Chassis / ESC / Motor
"WIDE" Rubber Tires / Street Eliminator Style Only
Clarification of the "WIDES" .... Wide-Rear-Tire... as long as the rear tires are wider than the most common mounted tires in Street Eliminator, IT WORKS! ...
most common meaning... Wider than standard glued Voodoo's or blue dots, etc.
Burnouts are not allowed in the "Launch Pad" for the Big Dawg class.
Racers are allowed to launch in the "Launch Pad" for Big Dawg if they so wish.
Heads-Up Racing / Instant Green Start / PortaTree Timing System
Tech Inspection at Tent Before Eliminations Passes
This class will be considered for future RCHRA events, if participation deems so ...
for the Summer Sizzler, it will be listed as an exhibition class only.