(as of: June 9, 2024)
RCHRA Class Category: Prep
  - 2 wheel drive only  
  - 12 inches - 13.5 inches max wheelbase  
- Must have 4 shocks controlling the wheels
  - Must look (in general) as a authentic racing body  
- (Optional) 50% Rule (Wheel Well Cuts) - Around Wheels & Tires
  - Wheel Well Cuts MUST be circular in cut and fit the look of a real drag car for the specific model of vehicle. 50% means, 50% exposure of the wheel and tire looking directly at the center of the wheel, while the body is mounted on the chassis, sitting on the racing surface.  
  - Cuts to the factory cut lines: Allowed  
  - Rear Bumper cut outs: Allowed  
  - No more than 4 holes cut in body exposed specifically for body mounts
(Exceptions apply for more than 4 body mount holes only, if needed specifically for body mounts from another chassis mount)
- One Battery Pack. 2s Only. 8.44 max Voltage
- Any commonly available RC electric motor allowed
- Any commonly available RC ESC allowed
- Prep: Allowed (Any RC S/E Style Prep)
- Rear: Any Rubber Tire
- Front: Rubber Only (No O-Ring's)
- Minimum: 2060 grams
- Transmission: Any 3-5 Gear Transmissions / No Direct Drives
- Steering Assists: Not allowed
- Wheelie Bar: No longer than the wheelbase
- Rear Wing: Any allowed
  - Tree Start: Instant Green / (Porta Tree Timing System)  
Rolling rear tires back & forth on the starting line is NOT allowed

Rear tires can NOT be touching the race surface while staging

(Rolling a clean tire to clean launch pad is allowed to preserve pad, once approved by Race Director)

Racers are allowed to launch ONLY in the designated Big Dawg area launch pad of the starting line

RCHRA requires random rotation of building grooves for the Big Dawg launch pad

Chirping and burnouts on asphalt or concrete allowed behind the RCHRA floor mats

Spinning of the rear tires on the launch pad at all is NOT allowed on the starting line surface

RCHRA will do random (visual) tire tech inspection during testing sessions; obviously in full effect at tech during eliminations

No heat (on rear tires) (heat guns or tire bands) after moving past the tent (tower) for a run
Exceptions apply based off track down, etc

Tire Bands required to be removed at tech. May be placed back on after successful tech

10 Second (Heat) Rule: Once a racers competitor begins staging process, opposing racer has 10 seconds to match that racer on the starting line

If you get stuck or break on the line, do not touch your vehicle until you see the full run from your opponent. You must at least receive a reaction time to be eligible to advance in the event of the above mentioned. If you do not receive a reaction time, that's considered first is worst and your opponent wins regardless of what his / her vehicle does down track

If you get stuck or break after receiving a reaction time and your opponent causes any infraction, you WIN... as long as you do not touch the vehicle before your opponent causes any infraction

If both vehicles get stuck or break after the the tree has dropped and both receive no reaction time, the race will be re-run